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Passengers must present themselves for check-in at the designated check-in counter no later than the time stipulated below before the scheduled departure time of the flight as indicated on the Passenger’s Ticket -



International / Regional

Two (2) hours


Three (3) hours











International / Regional


Check-in closes thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time


Check-in closes fifty (50) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.










International / Regional


Boarding commences thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time



Boarding commences forty (40) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time









International / Regional


Boarding closes fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time


Boarding closes twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled departure time




The Passenger must be present at the boarding gate no later than the time specified on the Passenger’s boarding card.




Passengers that check-in must report directly to the boarding gates within the times stipulated above. Failure to do so will result in the Passenger and their Checked Baggage being offloaded from the flight and will be deemed a “no-show” and the Ticket flight coupon will be forfeited. The Airline will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred due to the Passenger’s failure to comply with this provision.








Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 7.1 (Check-in Times)‚ check-in deadlines are different at the various airports and the Airline recommends that the Passenger informs themselves about these check-in deadlines and honour them accordingly. The Passenger’s journey will be more convenient if the Passenger allows sufficient time to comply with the check-in deadlines.




The Airline reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the Passenger does not comply with the check-in deadlines indicated.




Self-service check-in facilities include Online and Kiosk. Passengers can check-in on a computer‚ tablet or smartphone via:

Online check-in opens 24 hours before departure time and closes 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure.




The Airline does not assume any responsibility for failed or wrongful displays on the airport monitors. Passengers are required to present themselves no later than the time stipulated on the boarding pass for boarding and will be informed at the boarding gates of any irregular operation by the Airline representative.




The Airline cannot be held liable for missed flights due to heavy traffic‚ roadworks‚ traffic jams‚ load shedding‚ forgotten documents‚ long queues and congestion for security checks and passport control which are beyond the Airline’s control. We strongly encourage you to have a considerable amount of time available in between flights to allow you to make the connecting flight hassle-free.








Check-in options available for FlyNamibia flights.


a)     Check-in at the Airport: Check-in at a FlyNamibia designated counter at the airport no later than 2 hours for domestic and 3 hours for regional flights. A printed boarding pass‚ e-mail boarding pass or SMS boarding pass is available.


b)    Self-Service Kiosk: At all major airports‚ use the self-service check-in kiosks to check in and have a boarding pass printed and proceed with baggage to the FlyNamibia check-in counter. In the event of hand luggage only‚ proceed directly to the security gate.


c)     Web and Mobile Check-in: Passengers may check-in online 24 hours prior to flight departure time on any smartphone-enabled device. Show the online boarding pass at the security gates and boarding gates for scanning and processing. No third-party check-in is allowed.


For home-printed boarding passes‚ the entire boarding pass document must be printed on A4 paper and be legible and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. If these conditions are not met the Passenger will be required to collect a boarding pass at the check-in counters or the self-service kiosk. If the Passenger has no check-in luggage you may proceed directly to security without reporting to the check-in counter.




Certain airports have a baggage drop counter where the Passenger can hand in the bag no later than sixty (60) minutes prior to departure. Failure to do so will cause the Baggage not to be loaded onboard the aircraft. Baggage must conform with the Airline’s baggage policy and for safety reasons‚ certain dangerous articles must not be carried in Passenger’s Baggage.   Please refer to Clause 10.4 (Items Not Allowed in Passenger’s Baggage).




If a baggage drop counter is unavailable‚ a normal check-in counter can be used.




Passengers need to check the flight information screens in the departure terminal for boarding and gate information as this will not be printed on the home-printed boarding pass.





Boarding commences in advance prior to flight departure time. Passengers who fail to present themselves at the boarding gate on time will be denied travel without compensation and baggage offloaded. Boarding times vary across the FlyNamibia network see Clause 7.3 (Flight Boarding Times). Please allow enough time to pass through Immigration and Security. High traffic at peak times will be experienced so please allow more than 2 hours before departure time for boarding formalities.




All Passengers using the online check-in facility must produce valid identification‚ as provided for in Clause 3.1.1 (Tickets and Identification)‚ which will be checked at the boarding gate. Any Passenger without the appropriate identification will be denied boarding and their Baggage offloaded from the aircraft if applicable.




Any Passenger failing to present their boarding pass at the boarding gate will be required to have the boarding pass reissued at the FlyNamibia check-in counter. On return to security‚ the Passenger will be obliged to resubmit themselves for the security screening. The Airline accepts no liability where such process results in a Passenger missing their flight by failing to report at the boarding gate at the stipulated time before the flight's departure.




Passengers travelling with hand luggage should ensure that it meets the Airline’s requirements with respect to number‚ size and weight of articles being carried and does not contain any sharp or dangerous objects. The Airline reserves the right to refuse acceptance of hand luggage that is not in conformity with its baggage policy.




The Airline reserves the right to suspend or terminate the online check-in facility for certain flights from time to time at its discretion. In this case the Passenger will be required to check-in in accordance with the normal airport check-in procedure.




Passengers who have checked-in online and are no longer travelling will need to cancel check-in acceptance no later than 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure time to avoid being a no-show on the flight they were booked to travel on.


Online check-in can be cancelled on and on the by selecting the “Check-In” tab and logging in and proceed to select the “cancel check-in” option and follow the prompts.


If a passenger’s coupon shows “C” status‚ please ensure the passenger is offloaded from the flight before the reservation is cancelled.


For rebooking or further assistance contact your travel agent or nearest FlyNamibia  Ticketing office.




RE F U S A L S and L I M I T A T I O N O F C A R R I A G E







In its reasonable discretion‚ the Airline may refuse to carry a Passenger and the Passenger’s Baggage if the Airline has notified the Passenger that it would not at any time after the date of such notice carry the Passenger and the Passenger’s Baggage on its flights. In these circumstances the Passenger will be entitled to a refund in full.

The Airline shall refuse to carry the Passenger and the Passenger’s Baggage if one or more of the following have occurred or the Airline reasonably believes may occur:



Such action as is necessary in order to comply with any applicable government Laws‚ Regulations‚ and Orders.


The carriage of the Passenger or the Passenger’s Baggage is in contravention of any applicable government Laws‚ regulations‚ and orders.


The carriage of the Passenger or the Passenger’s Baggage may endanger or affect the safety‚ health and/or materially affect the comfort of other Passengers and crew.


The Passenger’s mental or physical state‚ including suspected impairment from alcohol‚ drugs or is intoxicated under the influence of alcohol and presents a haNADd or risk to themselves‚ to Passengers‚ to crew‚ or to property.


The Passenger has committed misconduct on a previous flight‚ and the Airline has reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated.


The Passenger has refused to allow a security check on themselves or their baggage.


The Passenger has not paid the applicable fare‚ taxes‚ fees‚ or charges.


The Passenger does not meet the requirements in relation to the Passenger’s medical fitness to fly.


The Passenger presents a Ticket that has been acquired unlawfully or by fraudulent means (for example stolen credit or debit card) in our reasonable opinion‚ or has been reported as being lost or stolen‚ is a counterfeit‚ forged or falsified or the Passenger cannot prove that the Passenger is the person named on the Ticket.


The Passenger has failed to comply with the requirements concerning coupon sequence and use‚ or the Passenger presents a Ticket that has been issued or altered in any way‚ other than by the Airline or an Authorised Agent.


The Passenger has disobeyed instructions relating to safety or security from the ground staff or flight crew.


The Passenger uses threatening‚ abusive‚ insulting or indecent words or behaviour or manner to any person‚ including ground staff‚ members of crew or other Passengers prior to or during any of the operations of embarkation on the Passenger’s flight‚ or disembarkation from a connecting flight‚ or on board the aircraft before take-off.


The Passenger appears in the Airline’s reasonable opinion‚ not to meet Visa requirements or not to have valid or lawfully acquired travel documents or the Passenger has acquired them by fraudulent means or destroyed the travel documents aboard the aircraft or between the check-in and boarding or refuses to allow the Airline to copy the travel documents or surrender the travel documents.


The Passenger has made a hoax bomb threat.


The Passenger has committed a criminal offence during the check-in or boarding processes or on board the aircraft prior to take off.


The doctor’s letter or Medical Clearance report is not completed by a medical practitioner (registered doctor) or the contents are false and/or do not match the medical condition declared by the Passenger or are seen as an excuse to travel without the required clearances.








If the Passenger is refused carriage for any of the reasons set out above‚ the Passenger will be obliged to reimburse the Airline for any costs the Airline incurs resulting from -

a) Repair or replacement of property lost‚ damaged or destroyed by the Passenger.

b) Compensation the Airline is obliged to pay to any Passenger or crew member affected by the Passenger’s actions.

c) Delaying the aircraft for the purpose of removing the Passenger and/or the Passenger’s Baggage.

d) Any consequential costs or losses that the Airline may incur as a result of the Passenger’s conduct or misconduct.

e) The Airline reserves the right to apply towards such payment or expenditure the value of any unused carriage on the Passenger’s Ticket or any of the funds in our possession.








All meal requests (on meal-catered routes) must be ordered by no later than three

(3)   Business Days prior to the departure time. Meal selections are based on one of the following meal choices:

  • VGML – Vegetarians





For operational reasons‚ the Airline does not guarantee the availability of special meals or any other type of meals. The Airline does not guarantee that special meals will always conform to their exact description since it has been prepared by third parties to our order.




The Airline does not accept requests for nut-free meals and does not guarantee that the environment aboard its aircraft will be nut or nut-produce-free. It is the Passenger’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions if you may suffer from any nut-related allergies of any nature whatsoever.







The Airline does not guarantee the provision/availability of equipment and services on the ground at the airports‚ including airport lounges. The Airline does not guarantee that ground services will always conform to their exact description since some services are provided by third parties to our order.





If the event that the Airline reasonably believes that its aircraft weight limitation or seating capacity would otherwise be exceeded‚ the Airline will decide within its reasonable discretion which Passengers and Baggage shall be carried in the interest of the safety of our Passengers.











Whilst the Airline will make all reasonable endeavours to provide the service as indicated on the Electronic Ticket (E-ticket) Itinerary‚ flight times and flight schedules are subject to change without prior notice.


In the event of non-performance‚ partial performance or a delay to a Passenger’s itinerary resulting wholly or partly from such change necessitated by an occurrence or circumstance beyond the Airline’s reasonable control including (without limitation) the acts or omissions of third parties including governmental authorities‚ all civil aviation authorities‚ airport‚ air traffic control and other public authorities. Whilst the Airline shall make reasonable endeavours to mitigate the impact of such events on the passenger‚ by offering an alternative itinerary‚ it shall have no additional liability to the passenger.




Should the Airline make an Involuntary Change to the Passengers itinerary‚ subsequent to the issue of the E-ticket‚ the Airline may offer an alternative itinerary.


In the event that the alternative itinerary is not accepted by the Passenger‚ the Airline may offer to extend the ticket validity to two years (from the original date of issue)‚ allow the Passenger one free date change which must fall within the ticket validity and the same ticketed class of travel‚ at no additional cost. If the flight subsequently chosen by the Passenger does not have seats available at the original fare stated on the E-ticket Itinerary‚ the Passenger will be liable for any difference in fare and taxes but the rebooking fee will be waivered.


Should the Passenger no longer wish to travel due to the changes to the itinerary the Passenger may request a refund as per the fare rules and the terms of Clause

11.2 (Involuntary Refunds). The Airline will have no liability to the Passenger for any loss or expense whatsoever as a result of the changes to the Passengers itinerary.




In the process of accepting and confirming the Passenger’s booking‚ the Airline or our Authorised Agent will reconfirm with the Passenger their flight itinerary and number of seats to be booked which will be displayed on the E-ticket Itinerary Receipt.

Should the Airline subsequently be required to make changes to the Passengers itinerary‚ after the E-ticket has been issued‚ it is the Passenger’s obligation to the Airline or its Authorised Agent to have provided complete and accurate contact information to enable the Airline or the Authorised Agent to notify the Passenger of any such change. Should such contact information not have been provided‚ be incomplete or erroneous the Airline shall have no liability to the passenger for not advising of the change.




FlyNamibia accepts no further liability to the Passenger or Travel Agent for passenger expenses‚ any supplemental costs or loss whatsoever.






The provisions below apply at any time that any jurisdiction in which the Airline operates is in a state of disaster‚ a state of emergency or any similar state declared by a person of competent authority.





The Passenger acknowledges that as a result of measures put in place‚ and varied‚ from time to time by persons of competent authority representing the government of the applicable jurisdiction‚ the Airline may experience disruption to its normal‚ scheduled‚ or planned operations and such disruptions may include‚ but are not limited to:

limitations on the air routes on which the airline may operate‚ necessitating the cancellation of flights;

closures of national or provincial borders‚ necessitating the cancellation of flights;

closures of airports‚ temporarily or permanently‚ to either or both of international or domestic flights;

limitations placed on the capacities of airports to accommodate passengers which may necessitate the cancellation or rescheduling of flights;

changes to the operating hours of airports‚ which may necessitate the cancellation or rescheduling of flights;

changes to the hours of curfew within a province‚ or nationally‚ which may necessitate the cancellation or rescheduling of flights;

restrictions on the number of passengers that may be accommodated on the

Airline’s aircraft;

restrictions on the provision of refreshments and other amenities on the Airline’s aircraft;

health screening and certification requirements placed on Airline’s staff and passengers which may render some staff or passengers ineligible to board an aircraft; and

conduct requirements placed on passengers applicable while in an airport and while in an aircraft.




The Airline will employ reasonable measures to alert the Passenger‚ as soon as reasonably possible‚ to any changes which the Airline is required to make to any of its scheduled flights as a result of such measures‚ and which will have a material impact on the Passenger‚ such as the cancellation of a flight or the rescheduling of a flight.




The Airline will not be liable to any Passenger for any alleged loss or damage‚ howsoever arising‚ incurred as a result of the Airline’s compliance with the measures put in place by the competent authority representing the government of the applicable jurisdiction and/or as a result of the Airline being obliged‚ or electing to‚ make changes to its scheduled operations and/or as a result of the Passenger not receiving notice of any operational changes affecting the Passenger.




OR OPERATIONAL DELAYS CAUSED BY FLYNAMIBIA (excluding Force Majeure and Force Majeure for 3rd parties)




It may happen that delays in departure times and the duration of a flight occur because of circumstances beyond the Airline’s control (for example air traffic control delays or strikes). The Airline will take all reasonable measures required to avoid a delay in providing carriage to the Passenger and the Baggage. These measures may include using an alternative aircraft or arranging for a flight to be operated for the Airline by an alternative Airline.




The Passenger will be entitled to choose one of the following three (3) available Remedies in the event of a Cancellation or a Schedule Change as a result of Technical or Operational reasons and the Airline -

  • fails to stop at the Passenger's destination‚ or;
  • cause the Passenger to miss a connecting flight with the Airline or with another Airline for which the Passenger holds a through confirmed Ticket (with a planned connection time of twenty-four (24) hours or less) and adequate time existed to make the connection after the scheduled time of arrival of the Passenger’s flight.

Exception for separate Tickets when travelling from one FlyNamibia flight to another FlyNamibia flight.


Remedy One - the Airline will carry the Passenger as soon as operationally possible on another FlyNamibia flight on which space is available without additional charge and‚ where necessary‚ extend the period of validity of the Passenger’s Ticket to cover that carriage. In the event that the Passenger accepts this remedy the Passenger will have no further claims against the Airline whatsoever.


Remedy Two - the Airline will reroute the Passenger under comparable transport conditions to the destination and class shown on the Passenger’s Ticket without additional charge on another FlyNamibia flight on which space is available or on the flight  of another Airline with whom the Airline has an agreement with‚ or by other mutually agreed means.

Should there be no reasonable flights available‚ the Airline will reroute the Passenger to the closest possible alternative destination in agreement with the Passenger.

Any ground services from there will be for the Passenger’s expense (this expense should be claimed from the Passenger’s travel insurance). In the event that the Passenger accepts this remedy it is the Passenger’s responsibility to familiarise the alternative carrier’s conditions of carriage and the Passenger will have no further claims against the Airline whatsoever.


Remedy Three - the Airline will give the Passenger an involuntary full refund in accordance with Clause 11.2 (Involuntary Refunds). In the event that the Passenger accepts this remedy‚ the Passenger will have no further claims against the Airline whatsoever.




Where a flight has been Cancelled or is subject to a long delay (excluding weather delays) exceeding two (2) hours‚ Passengers are entitled to receive a refreshment (limited to coffee/tea or a soft drink/juice) (excluding alcohol) from the Airline.





Should the Passenger‚ who is not departing from an airport within the vicinity of the Passenger’s home address‚ be forced to stay overnight due to a cancelled flight for which the Airline is responsible due to Technical and Operational constraints (and not weather-related cancellations)‚ the Airline will offer the Passenger suitable hotel accommodation for the first twenty-four (24) hours‚ transport between the airport and the place of accommodation‚ dinner‚ breakfast and lunch if applicable in the event of a Cancelled flight over the applicable meal period.






It may happen that the Airline experiences uncontrollable delays caused by adverse weather conditions which are unavoidable. In such circumstances in the interest of the safety of our Passengers‚ a flight will either be -

  • Cancelled‚
  • Return to the airport of departure‚ or
  • Divert to another destination.

The Airline will not be liable to cover any Passenger expenses that arise as a result of the delay‚ diversion or disruption due to the weather.




In the event of a delay‚ diversion or disruption due to adverse weather conditions‚ the Airline will not assume any liability for connecting flights that the Passenger may miss as a result of the delay or diversion.


Neither will the Airline be held liable for any hotel‚ meals or surface transport costs arising from such delays or diversions. The same applies to a flight having to divert back to the airport of origin.




In the event of a flight being Cancelled or Diverted as a result of adverse weather conditions‚ the airline will offer the Passenger a choice between making an alternative reservation within the validity of the ticket subject to availability or a refund.

The FlyNamibia Reservations Support desk needs to be contacted for Refund Authority Waivers for a full refund less the administration fee. The standard FlyNamibia Refund administration fee of NAD440.00 (four hundred and forty Rand) plus 15% VAT is applicable.






A FlyNamibia schedule change is a planned flight change or cancellation of a flight that occurs more than 24 hours prior to departure. Circumstances may require FlyNamibia to make schedule changes after publication of our flight schedule.




When a FlyNamibia flight is rescheduled‚ we will advise all booking offices that have made changes in the PNR and the details of such changes. Schedule change may be a change in the arrival or departure times‚ flight number‚ class of service involving a change in a booking designator‚ frequency of operation or the airports served. The appropriate action is required by the booking office.




The Schedule Change policy is applicable to passengers holding confirmed reservations and who have purchased a ticket prior to the schedule change taking place. Passengers holding confirmed reservations but who have yet to purchase a ticket can be rebooked onto another flight at the applicable fare.





Tickets bought directly from FlyNamibia

If you booked with FlyNamibia through our website (‚ mobile app‚ FlyNamibia office bookings‚ our airport ticket office or our appointed General Sales Agent     then FlyNamibia will send you an email and/or SMS to notify you of a flight schedule change provided your contact details (mobile number and email) are provided in the booking. You agree and accept that these changes are in order unless you contact FlyNamibia to advise otherwise to change to an alternative flight or to cancel your booking.




Tickets bought via a Travel Agent or Third-Party Website

When booking a flight through a Travel Agent or a third-party travel company the passenger will be required to contact the original booking agent for further assistance and handling of any flight schedule changes made to your booking.


FlyNamibia will notify the original booking agent via a message in the reservation system and the onus lies with the original booking agent to reissue the ticket after accepting the FlyNamibia schedule change or alternatively cancel the booking.


Travel companies include bookings made through a third-party website e.g.‚ Expedia‚ Travelstart‚ Computicket or IATA Travel Agencies.

Any changes to your E-ticket made by a third party or Travel Agent may carry a cost in terms of your contract with the travel company. That cost is for your account and is not payable by FlyNamibia nor can it be claimed from FlyNamibia.




FlyNamibia accepts no further liability to the Passenger or Travel Agent for passenger expenses‚ any supplemental costs or loss whatsoever due to a Schedule Change.






As a matter of policy‚ FlyNamibia does not oversell its flights. There are however times when the Passenger will be denied boarding on a flight in the event that the Airline experiences:

Changes in the weather (head or tail winds‚ heat‚ rain‚ cyclones etc.) that limits the Airline to carry fewer Passengers than planned due to the weight restrictions imposed on the aircraft.

An aircraft gauge change resulting in more Passengers being booked than the capacity available.

A payload restriction‚ which are limits placed on the aircraft when flight planning taking into consideration the fuel requirements which could include uplifting extra fuel due to bad weather en-route or temperature changes or unforeseen amount of Baggage accepted for a flight.

Oversold flights‚ when there are more checked-in passengers than seats due to aircraft changes‚ for operational reasons‚ or system error. FlyNamibia will ask for passengers  who are willing to voluntarily give up their seats in exchange for a compensation voucher.




In the unlikely event that the Airline is not able to provide the Passenger a seat for a flight for which they have a confirmed reservation‚ and the Passenger has met all applicable check-in and boarding deadlines‚ the Airline will carry the Passenger on another FlyNamibia flight. The Airline shall provide compensation to those Passengers denied boarding in accordance with our denied boarding policy in terms of Clause

9.5 (Denied Boarding Compensation).





Alternatively‚ the Passenger may choose to receive an Involuntary Refund in respect of the Ticket less a reasonable administrative charge prevailing at the time of the refund. The standard FlyNamibia Refund administration fee of NAD440.00 (four hundred and forty Rand) plus 15% VAT is applicable.




The Airline accepts no further liability to the Passenger for any loss or expense whatsoever.






In the event FlyNamibia needs to deny boarding to a Passenger‚ the Passenger will not be denied a seat until FlyNamibia first asks for volunteers willing to give up their confirmed seats in exchange for compensation and travel on the next available WV flight.


In the event of an overbooked flight‚ FlyNamibia will call for volunteers who are prepared to surrender their confirmed reservation in exchange for an agreed compensation credit voucher.




If there are not enough volunteers‚ FlyNamibia will deny boarding to Passengers in accordance with its company policy on boarding priority. If a Passenger is involuntarily denied boarding and has met all the applicable check-in and boarding deadlines‚ FlyNamibia will transport the Passenger on the next available WV flight. A letter of compensation will be e-mailed to the Passenger from the FlyNamibia Customer Care department which will entitle the Passenger to:


a)     A compensation voucher that is redeemable on for FlyNamibia-operated flights only.


b)    The compensation voucher is valid for three (3) years from date of issue.


c)     The compensation voucher is issued in Namibian Dollars (NAD) regardless of the ticket currency the ticket was issued in.


d)    The compensation voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.


e)     Once the compensation voucher has been used‚ the portion of the funds used to purchase tickets or services on FlyNamibia remains Non-Refundable.